Builder's Day at Metropolis!

And although it's already September, we continue to share the bright summer moments of the corporate party on the occasion of the Builder's Day.

The time of remote work and the restrictions associated with the coronavirus taught us to appreciate the moments of communication ... live, in real life, and not by email, in a messenger or zoom ... Corporate companies were predicted this year exclusively on-line formats. However, everything has changed and we managed to celebrate our professional holiday together! Look with us how it was and recharge yourself with a sunny mood on the eve of autumn!

Kazan - 08.08.2020

Our Kazan colleagues were the first to open a series of summer off-line corporate events of the company! On the territory of the equestrian club "Confido" in the village of Orekhovka, each participant accepted his own challenge - whether it was participation in a sports competition or horseback riding. The photo shows that the weather and the team spirit work wonders - the mood of the day is wonderful and the faces are joyful!


CNON0957.jpgAESJ1465.jpg AFDZ95381.jpg

IMG_66801.jpg HODO3007.jpg

Moscow - 15.08.2020

The colleagues from the Moscow office were the second to start celebrating the professional holiday.
On the territory of the "Fisherman's Village" at VDNKh, our team frolicked, caught the rays of the August sun and Fish!
Luck was on our side. Trout and sturgeon tried to swim by, but our fishermen are smart guys - the catch is over 35 kg!


metropolis_145.jpg metropolis_204.jpg

metropolis_132.jpg metropolis_261.jpg


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Saint Petersburg - 22.08.2020

Our team from St. Petersburg celebrated the Day of the rafting builder. The main idea of ​​the corporate event was to conduct rafting on the Losev Rapids. All participants were divided into 5 teams. The rafting program consisted of introductory descents, performing elements in the rapids (entering the “big barrel,“ small barrel ”,“ candle ”,“ driving in the rapids ”). At the end of the rafting, a race was held for the winner, in which the "Veslo" team won. After active rest, our colleagues moved to the Kiviniemi recreation center, where the host and DJ with an entertainment program were waiting for them. Stormy rapids, games and music filled everyone with emotions and left wonderful memories of corporate rest.


BRB_3655.jpg BRB_3970.jpg

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BRB_5202.jpg BRB_5342.jpg BRB_5396.jpg

We successfully overcame all the difficulties of remote work and self-isolation and remained a friendly and active team, and the bright emotions of the holiday and active recreation with colleagues charged everyone with new strength and energy!