logo (1).pngOn October 15, 2020, the awards ceremony for the winners of the II Annual Industry Award in the field of BIM modeling of security systems - BIM & Security-2020 has been held in the Federation Tower on the territory of Moscow City.

BIM&Security is an annual award for the application of BIM technologies in the security systems market, thanks to which the best projects and prominent figures in the development and promotion of technology are recognized, and professionals - the opportunity to exchange experiences and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation.

The organizers of the award were:RUBEZH Magazine, RPC RUBEZH, Securika Moscow Exhibition.

This year the Metropolis company has won the nomination "The largest number of elements in a BIM model".

The project "Communication and signaling systems on the example of the Center for Contemporary Art GES-2" was nominated for the award.

Svetlana Parkhomenko, head of the BIM department, and Denis Vannusov, leading engineer of the low-current systems department, spoke in defense of the status of the winner.

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Traditionally, the award was held with the support of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, the Federal Center for Regulation, Standardization and Technical Conformity Assessment in Construction, Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, NPI, NOPRIZ and NOSTROY.

The BIM & Security Award forms a comfortable discussion platform for a dialogue on the implementation of BIM technologies in the security systems market between all interested market participants, and also allows you to demonstrate the experience of industry BIM leaders.

This year the award was held online, which allowed everyone to become listeners of the business program.

During the BIM & Security 2020 reports, the most relevant topics were covered:

- On the state of legislative and technical regulation in the field of BIM.

- About the achieved level of development and prospects of the information modeling market in Russia.

- On the problems of designing security systems in BIM.

A separate pool of reports introduced the BIM & Security audience to cases of using information modeling technology to improve the efficiency of management of already erected facilities.

More about the winners of the award on the portal"Security Industry"