Is BIM faster than CAD? Debunking myths

2019-12-05_20-33-48.jpgAs part of the BIM & SECURITY 2020 award, an online discussion took place about the advantages and disadvantages of modern building design technologies. Svetlana Parkhomenko, head of the BIM technologies department at Metropolis, Alexander Vysotsky, general director of VYSOTSKIY Consulting, and Dmitry Kryukov, head of the development department of RUBEZH Group, took part in the discussion as speakers. The discussion was moderated by Mikhail Dineev, editor-in-chief of RUBEZH magazine.

The discussion was held on the following topics:
- How long does it take to master BIM professionally.

- CAD or BIM - what is faster to design?

- BIM and disappointed hopes - why many start to learn BIM, but not everyone succeeds.