Arena Marathon 2020

Arena Marathon took place on October 18 in St. Petersburg!

The races were held at distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 5 km.

Our colleagues took part in the 21 km and 10 km races.

The half marathon was attended by:

Alexander Moshkin, head of the ES group, with the result 01:46:31

Alexey Pimanov, lead engineer of the power plant, with the result 01:55:49

Mikhail Utkin, Lead Engineer, HVAC, with the result 02:04:47

Общее фото.jpgМошкин А.Н_.jpg

The 10 km race was attended by:

Natalia Vlasova, VK Lead Engineer, with the result 01:00:36

Ilya Kuzmin, lead engineer of the SS, with the result 00:54:39

The route was laid next to the newest iconic symbols of the city: Gazprom-Arena, Lakhta-Center, Yacht Bridge, and at each station the participants were accompanied by experienced pacemakers.Власова Н.Д.jpeg Пиманов А.С_.jpg

We congratulate our colleagues with excellent results and wish them new sporting achievements and victories!