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    Kommersant, 11 March 2019
    Construction kitchen gravitates towards openness

    The eco-friendly principle and the "open kitchen" format today are one of the main trends in the organization of domestic construction sites. In this area, Russia is doing its best to get closer to international standards.

    Marina Egorenkova

    Marina Egorenkova, Head of the Department of Construction Projects at Metropolis, gave a comment to Kommersant about the peculiarities of organizing construction sites in Russia. The main requirement for the organization of a construction site is to ensure the safety of the construction process, proper sanitary and hygienic service, as well as the cleanliness and safety of nearby natural resources, buildings and structures.

    For this purpose, the construction site must acquire a construction organization project and a work production project, regulated by SNiPs. An important role is given to the construction master plan (stroygenplan) - the site plan, which indicates all existing facilities, the location of construction equipment, temporary buildings and structures, including upkeep ones, networks of temporary supply of resources (water, electricity, heat, communications).

    Marina noted the trends in the organization of construction sites over the past few years. Now, the entire area allocated for construction is used in the design, while often the underground part of the building occupies up to 98% of the construction site. Therefore, there is no free space to accommodate a residential camp, to arrange an entrance to the construction site and place a wheel washing point.

    In this regard, administrative and amenity premises are located in buildings under construction in compliance with fire prevention measures and the conditions for the safe evacuation of people from parts of buildings and structures.

    For the organization of entry, a part of the street is occupied in coordination with the organization of traffic.

    Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko, Kommersant

    If it is impossible to occupy the territory outside the boundaries of the land plot development plan, it is possible to organize stage-by-stage construction of the underground part of the building with the erection of a ramp for the entry of equipment into the pit and the arrangement of passage along the overlap of the underground part of the building.

    Over the past few years, during the construction of residential complexes, when arranging construction sites, a place has been provided for sales offices.

    To ensure effective sales at the facility / construction site, regardless of whether the building has been built or not, the issue of ensuring comfortable working conditions with clients is solved by organizing an office in a prefabricated detached building or in the facility itself. This gives customers the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the object, to choose an apartment, but also to see the options for planning solutions and finishes in showrooms and apartments.

    Another trend is commissioning of the facility by start-up complexes with the reinstallation of the temporary fence of the construction site.

    We should not forget about the standard principles of organizing a construction site, in particular, it is necessary to make temporary roads and turnarounds on the site. Its territory must be planned and equipped with arrangements for the removal of atmospheric and industrial waters in order to prevent their entry into the pits. Lighting of the site itself and workplaces should be performed. The trunks of free-standing trees that fall into the construction zone must be protected from damage by sheathing with converted timber to a height of at least two meters.

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