Search recommendations, 8 April 2022
    Design of public spaces in a hotel

    Dmitry Gorbik

    In March 2022, WelcomeTimes portal, dedicated to the specifics of the hotel industry and tourism business, published the article called Design of Public Spaces in a Hotel. In this material, architects, designers and engineers talked about hotel design trends. Dmitry Gorbik, Senior Project Manager of the Metropolis company, also gave his expert commentary for the article.

    «When working on the hotel projects where Metropolis acts as a general designer, we involve professional consultants from the hospitality industry, first of all, to take into account all the features of the technologies (spa, fitness, restaurants, room stock planning solutions, interior design, etc.). Such interaction is simply necessary, it enables our experts to take into account all the nuances that must be considered when designing.

    We design both multifunctional high-rise complexes in large cities, which include hotels, and resort hotels, we are also engaged in the reconstruction of historical hotel buildings. These are completely different fields in the market, which are aimed at different target audiences, and different approaches work here. Nevertheless, based on our experience and statistics of current requests, I will highlight the general trends in the design of public spaces for high-price hotels in Russia.

    The hospitality industry in Russia continues to rapidly transform due to global changes. Restrictions on international travel have given a powerful impetus to the development of domestic tourism. The trend of mixing business and personal travel is gaining momentum. It is called Bleisure (business + leisure). Working remotely, you can change locations more often, the concept of seasonality has blurred, and such changes in lifestyle require additional infrastructure, competent architectural and construction design that meets new demands.


    Bleisure-travelers need a comfortable workplace, high-speed Internet, and for this purpose hotels provide co-working spaces, quiet areas in the lobby, hourly rentals in conference rooms and seating adjustments.

    Transforming spaces

    Many opportunities for hotels are opened by multi-purpose transforming spaces. They can hold events of a wide variety of formats for a different number of participants, changing functionality with the help of mobile partitions. This also applies to rooms. There is a request for the design of rooms with the possibility of combining them, where two small rooms with 1 or 2 beds can become a single large room for a family.

    Autonomy and maintainability

    The blurring of the concept of seasonality and the increase in the number of guests with long stays puts a heavy load on all communications and engineering systems. Moreover, this may not be due to the load of the hotel itself, but, for example, the increased load of the resort town or the area as a whole. Designing for autonomy from the city system and uninterrupted use solves this issue. In design solutions, we increasingly include separate sources of heat supply.

    Impressions, luxe and creativity

    In Russia, the trend for the construction of boutique hotels continues. For this, not only eminent architects are involved in the work, but also interior design studios. In interior design projects, you can increasingly see works of contemporary art, whether it be installations, paintings or sculptures. Equally important is the harmonious combination of space aesthetics with functionality, for example, the reception area, lobbies, boutiques or restaurants.

    Entrance areas and lobbies in such hotels often involve double floor height area to make the space look more respectable. Separately, I would like to note 2 more trends - natural materials in interior decoration and the photogenicy of common spaces. Publication of photos from the hotel in social networks with its name and a location tag is an additional tool for promoting the hotel.

    View impressions and outdoor

    When designing, we take into account the request for disclosure of view advantages, whether it is a view of the sea or mountains, or a city landscape. Balconies, panoramic windows, atriums - all this is in great demand.

    Taking into account the likelihood of outbreaks of a pandemic, more terraces are being designed, and the area of the internal territory of the hotel is increasing, where, if necessary, it is possible to organize dining areas or barbecue spots, sports grounds, bike paths, children's playgrounds and entertainment areas».