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    Sevastopol, 28 May 2021
    Open lecture of the Metropolis at SevSU

    On May 26, 2021 our colleagues read an open lecture "Design and Application of the Latest Technologies in Construction" for students and teachers of Sevastopol State University.

    The lecture was held at the Institute for City Development - a new structural unit of Sevastopol State University. The organization of the new Institute for Urban Development was a response to the challenge of the times. For the first time in Russia, on the basis of SevSU, a scientific and educational model of an integrated approach is being implemented in solving problems of city development.

    Students are trained in undergraduate and graduate programs in the specialties Architecture, Construction, Land Management and Cadastres, Horticulture (viticulture and winemaking), State and municipal administration, Tourism, Hotel business, Design.

    An open lecture was given by Alla Seregina, Marketing Director; Petr Korsakov, Group Leader of Structural Engineering department; Svetlana Parkhomenko, Head of BIM Technologies department. The lecture was held within the framework of cooperation with the city in the design and construction of the Opera and Ballet Theater and the Choreographic Academy, where Metropolis acts as the general designer of the facilities.

    Alla Seregina spoke about the Metropolis company and its projects, about career opportunities for young professionals after receiving diplomas in the field of architectural and construction design.

    The students were particularly interested in the program of our company for interaction with the leading industrial universities of the country.

    Pyotr Korsakov kept the attention of the student audience with a story about the design features and technology for erecting the underground part of the structures using the Top-down method.

    The story and demonstration of models for seismic calculations at the design basis earthquake level in the design of the Choreographic Academy at Cape Khrustalny aroused professional interest among the professors.

    Svetlana Parkhomenko in her speech focused on the issues of information modeling of buildings and talked about the features of digital models for different sections.

    The story about the software systems used by the specialists of our company, as well as the interaction of data between the design sections, demonstrated that the skills of working with the BIM technologies are now a necessity in the work of a designer.