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    28 September 2018
    Conference "Swimming Pools: Technology, Management, Operation"

    On September 20-21, 2018, the Conference "Swimming Pools: Technology, Management, Operation" was held in Moscow.

    Sergey Strekozov, Chief Specialist of Automated Control Systems department of Metropolis, made a presentation on "Integrated engineering solutions, automation and control of the swimming pool". The conference delegates highly appreciated our developments on the example of the Luzhniki Multifunctional Swimming Center. The delegates from our company at the conference were Ekaterina Dyukareva, Leading Product Engineer, and Vladimir Kislenko, Chief Product Engineer.

    More than 100 specialists from 30 regions of Russia gathered at the conference site. The event was held with the support of the Ministry of Sports. The organizers were the All-Russian Swimming Federation and the Russian Association of Sports Facilities - the leader in the development of concepts for the creation of modern sports facilities.

    The purpose of the conference was to bring together customers in the design and construction of swimming pools, suppliers of sports and technological equipment, specialists in the operation of sports facilities.

    As part of the professional dialogue, the participants had the opportunity to exchange experience in the design and equipping of swimming pools, as well as discuss the best management and operation practices in the declared area.

    The conference program included 21 reports on various topics related to competent business conduct and a professional integrated approach to the maintenance of swimming pools. The main issues presented at the conference were:

    1. new building codes and design requirements for swimming pools;
    2. swimming pool market in Russia;
    3. experience in the construction of swimming pools;
    4. equipment and payback of swimming pools;
    5. integrated water treatment;
    6. innovative lighting solutions;
    7. ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems for swimming pools.

    The event has become a mutually beneficial business platform with the opportunity not only to receive up-to-date information, but also to acquire the necessary business contacts: industry participants have already outlined a vector for promising cooperation. As a result of the conference, an unequivocal conclusion was made: the swimming pool industry is rapidly gaining momentum in its development, and in the near future our country will be able to compete with the world leaders in the industry. The conference participants adopted a resolution aimed at the development of the swimming pool industry.