Historical opening


December 26, 2019 The New Year issue of the information and analytical magazine "All About the World of Construction" (No. 6, December 2019) has been published, summarizing the construction year. Alexander Vorozhbitov, the general director of the Metropolis company and Pavel Golovin, the chief project engineer of the Metropolis company, told the publication about the reconstruction process and the design features of another landmark project of the Luzhniki sports cluster.

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In November, the opening of the Water Sports Palace in the Luzhniki sports cluster took place. It is already visible that the new facility is very popular and is a center of attraction for the most diverse category of visitors.

To comply with the status of the modern complex and the author’s concept developed by UNK Project, at the design stage, the Metropolis company analyzed and worked out in detail engineering and design solutions. One of the main technical tasks was to provide increased requirements for structural safety while maintaining architectural and planning decisions. As a result, complex and constructive solutions that fully fulfill their mission are hidden behind expressive and beautiful facades.

f0b6cc37d34f076a49240ef282fbc5f8.jpg Конструктивная модель в зоне аквапарка.jpg

The design feature was determined by saturated functional zoning with clearly defined logistics of the water park, sports, commercial and auxiliary facilities. Monolithic staircase and elevator blocks, which are stiffness cores, simultaneously serve as supports for metal structures of the upper floors and floors. This decision allowed us to realize bold architectural designs and place a sports fifty-meter pool on the second floor, while providing a spacious lobby group on the ground floor directly under the pool. And in the areas adjacent to the water park and the pool, it was possible to realize visually attractive open spaces and place exciting water attractions.

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The support of steel trusses to reinforced concrete structures is carried out through comprehensively movable spherical support parts, and the support units developed by the Metropolis specialists allow the transfer of loads up to 650 tons. The implementation of these solutions made it possible to design large-span spatial metal structures, which are cross trusses resistant to progressive collapse. Farms with parallel belts and with spans of 30 and 46 meters have a height in the axes of the elements of 3.6 meters, which successfully housed technical rooms and utilities. The schematic diagram of the installation of metal structures of the water park was already developed at the design stage, taking into account the weights of the shipping grades of structural elements. In the future, this scheme was successfully implemented at the installation stage.

When designing metal structures, special attention was paid to fire safety and corrosion protection, as part of the structures is located in an aggressive environment. An epoxy-based compound was chosen as fire protection, which simultaneously performs the function of corrosion protection, which was confirmed by laboratory tests. The selection of the finishing layer of the required color made it possible to fit metal structures into the space of the water park, taking into account the requirements of the designers.


Top-level metal structures are the basis for the supporting structures of the aluminum roof, which was developed by the world leader in the design and manufacture of coatings for pools and water parks. At the junction points of aluminum trusses with the supporting structures of the building, the requirements of the roofing developer according to the conditions of support and deformation were taken into account. Sunlight penetrating through a translucent aluminum roof effectively emphasizes the vibrant color rides of the water park. In addition, the roof has the ability to open for natural ventilation in the warm season, which will significantly increase the comfort for visitors of the water complex in the summer. In bad weather, the artificial tropics will be provided with engineering systems that support the microclimate year-round 24 hours a day.

The Palace of Water Sports absorbed a large number of non-standard and original solutions of the entire project team, which allowed us to create a landmark and significant object that can decorate the life of all its visitors.

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