Stand out from the crowd

231.jpegThe premium housing sector is constantly looking for new methods to attract consumers. Stained-glass windows, an underground parking lot and a veranda on the roof will not surprise anyone, so developers have to look for new design solutions that will help developers stand out against the general background.

Artem Kamenetsky, Deputy Chief Project Engineer from Metropolis, commented on Kommersant about new design solutions in the field of luxury real estate.One of these solutions is the arrangement of a winter garden in the building, which, subject to the design and provision of climatic parameters, allows many varieties of plants and even trees to be green all year round.

Another luxury solution is your own home theater. Not just a TV with many functions, but a separate room in the apartment, equipped with a cinema, with a certain acoustic project and special sound insulation. An individual home theater design project will cost 200,000 - 500,000 rubles.Acoustic preparation of a room costs about 500,000 - 2,000,000 rubles. Finishing and equipment - can reach up to 20-30 million rubles. As we can see, home theaters are not a typical and costly solution, so they come as a separate option when buying a home and can become a special cherry on an individually made cake.The best that a developer can offer the consumer from the premium segment is an exclusive design solution. For example, the arrangement in the building of a general entertainment complex, consisting of a swimming pool with a lifting structure, which, at the touch of a button, is converted from the pool to a dance floor or an entertainment venue in a minute.This design solution allows you to create a space with a smooth conversion of pool functions while saving space, ideally combining technology with functionality and beauty. Or the arrangement in the apartment of your own mini-sauna: taking into account a pre-planned design solution and providing individual parameters of electricity, ventilation, water supply and sanitation, as well as special finishes - such a solution has become a possible and very striking advantage of any developer.

Of course, not only the interior, but also the exterior is important to the consumer. During the construction of new complexes, any developer tries to equip the site with green spaces and make his own mini-park. In order to stand out from the crowd, developers resort to consultations of landscape agencies, which, in turn, develop exclusive solutions for a specific object.An example of such solutions: crying walls, which serve as an artificial waterfall or the entrance to the complex with an island in the form of a fountain, which serves as a circular U-turn for cars, as in the best Hollywood films. Only one such "island", in the hotel language, will add at least one star to the residential complex and will serve as one of the arguments for the high cost of real estate.When developing innovative solutions, Russian developers often use the experience of foreign colleagues. Thus, in some LCs, weather stations have already appeared that adapt the operation of microclimate systems to changing weather; the latest air purification and filtering systems, electric vehicle charging stations and a car access system for reading biometric data.The most interesting solution is mobile layouts, which are gaining popularity in Germany and England: partitions in the house, thanks to winches and rails, can change their position and enable residents to make their own zoning. From the point of view of engineering systems, exclusive solutions are also provided. For example, at one of the recent facilities of premium class apartment complexes, our company implemented a solution to provide each apartment with a separate ventilation system.Each apartment has its own separate ventilation installation, and not a common home system, as is usually done. Also, the introduction of automation systems, primarily the smart home system, which allows consumers to control the technical and climatic components of their apartment using portable devices, is gaining more and more popularity. The area of ​​development of this system practically knows no boundaries: one of the most striking examples of the operation of such a system is the synchronization of the control panel of the system with a special ring on the hand, which allows you to turn on the TV and the light with just a wave of the hand.

One of the main rules, as most developers recognize, is not to spare money on building consultations of specialized design and architectural agencies before building budget money, because innovative solutions developed individually and on order can become one of the main advantages in the market. No matter how trite it may sound, but consumers in the premium segment notice not strong walls and high ceilings, but innovative and exclusive design solutions.

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