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Local authorities will compensate part of expenses to investors involved in construction of offices.This type of commercial property is of high demand in the Mocow Region: more and more big companies are based outside the Moscow Ring Road.

Olga Shevchenko, chief project engineer in Metropolis, gave her comments to 'Moscow Region today' portal. Olga noted that for the growth of demand for commercial property, it is necessary to develop infrastructure facilities, improve transport accessibility, ensure availability of large shopping areas. Indeed, such factors are not insignificant for most office seekers.

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From next year, Moscow Region authorities intend to introduce a new measure to support office investors. Denis Butsaev, deputy head of Moscow Region government, noted that part of exenses incurred for construction will be compensated to the developersof business centres. It is anticipated that the amount of compensation will be up to 20% from the total costs.


Analysts estimated that almost one third of employable population of the Moscow Region go to work to Moscow. Authorities are interested to reduce circular migration, hence it is necessary to provide people with workplaces next to home.


Over 1 million sq.meters of offices have been contructed in the Moscow Region. Most of the buildings are business parks of class B or C, i.e. premises relating to the economy segment. Generally, inexpensive materials are used for finishing of such business centres, and the location thereof is not always convenient.

Demand for class A and B+ property, which has high-quality repair and protected car parking areas, is much higher. Generally, such buildings are constructed in the central part of towns. Experts think that it is this segment that will develop actively in the near future.

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