Thousands of meters will be put into operation in Moscow by the end of 2018

МоскваРУ.jpgAlmost four hundred thousand square meters are intended to be put into operation in the centre of the Russian capital by the end of the year, - press-centre representatives of the department for town planning policy of Moscow reported, quoting Sergey Lyovkin.

The head of the department for state policy of Moscow noted that one of the performance criteria of the city complex development campaign is reconstruction of production buildings in central Moscow.


Dmitry Gorbik, chief project engineer of Metropolis, dealing directly with development in central Moscow, shared his experience with the editorial team of Mockva.ru: 'When construction takes place in central Moscow, problems start already at the design stage. Generally, a potential construction site will most likely be located in close vicinity to buildings of historical value. Proximity to such buildings imposes more stringent requirements in order to minimize the influence of construction on the surrounding development'. 

Presently there are 23 buildings of the total area of 334,000 sq.meters that have been put into operation in central Moscow. Besides, over 2,500 car parking spaces have been arranged. 

'High density development in the centre of the city, among other things, imposes restrictions on the possitility of routing and reconstructing utilities. Sometimes, there is no up-to-date information on the occurence and location of utilities, which, in view of the high density, causes the necessary of revising solutions already at the construction phase.  

It should be also noted that the presence of the river in the centre of Moscow has affected the soils and hydrological conditions, which in its turn requires special approach to arranging foundations and shoring of excavations for future buildings', - Dmitry commented.

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