In the Luzhniki Stadium, the Water Sports Palace was launched in test mode

Pools, attractions and fitness: what will be the Palace of water sports in the Luzhniki Stadium


On September 7, 2019, in the Luzhniki Stadium the Water Sports Palace was launched in test mode. The sports facility was visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

Here was the Palace of Water Sports, a pool that almost fell apart and did not function. We decided in its place to create a new modern center of water sports. This is a professional 50 meter pool. Nearby here are two 25-meter and there is a large water park. That is, everything is for professional athletes, and for amateurs, and for children, and for family vacations. A complex project. - said the Mayor of Moscow.

The new pool in Luzhniki will receive more visitors than the old one.

In style, it resembles the old one, but in its pools one and a half times more water, there will be more attendance, the turnover of this center. Such a gift for the country, for Muscovites - said Sergei Sobyanin.

In fact, it is one of the largest water sports and entertainment complexes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Not only Muscovites will use it, but also thousands of Russians who come to the capital.

For visitors, the Palace will be open after the completion of all commissioning works - they are planned to be completed before the end of this year.

The Luzhniki pool (previously the swimming pool of the Central Lenin Stadium) was built in 1956 according to the project of architect A.V. Vlasov. It was part of the Olympic complex. There were competitions in swimming, water polo and diving. During the 1980 Olympics, water polo competitions were held here, in which the Soviet team won gold medals. For 60 years, it hosted the competitions of three world championships, two European championships, 11 USSR championships and many other water sports.

Over time, the pool ceased to meet the requirements of international sports federations. Based on the results of the examination, it was decided to modernize the old building and create on its basis a modern multifunctional swimming complex Reconstruction began in 2016 under the project of the Moscow bureau UNK project and was completed in September this year. The development of design and working documentation was carried out by the Metropolis company.

What the reconstructed Palace looks like

Now the Palace of Water Sports is a five-story building with one underground level. Its area is 51.8 thousand square meters - 2.6 times the size of the old pool (19.7 thousand square meters). The swimming complex has retained the basic features of the former structure and stylistic unity with the rest of the Luzhniki facilities. So Muscovites themselves wished.

 2.jpg 5.jpg

The concept of the Water Sports Palace is based on a moderninterpretation of the architectural traditions of the 1950s. The facade of the complex is made in sand tones, like the building of the Big Sports Arena, the colonnade is recreated. The main and side facades were decorated with replicas of 12 bas-reliefs, which exactly repeat historical panels. In the style of Soviet romanticism of the 1950s, they depict competitions in various sports, athletes with cups and laurel wreaths, girls in swimsuits, nudes that resemble antique statues. Also, the facades are decorated with rings, reminiscent of the 1980 Olympics.

The historical bas-reliefs that decorated the old building have been preserved, restored and placed inside the new Water Sports Palace.

 17.jpg  9.jpg

Now they can be seen on the wall of the main entrance to the pool area. Specially for the new complex, a lighting concept was developed with spot lighting of significant architectural details. Thanks to her, Olympic rings can be seen not only on the facades of the building, but also on lamps, fences, on the fountain. In fact, this is the main stylistic element.

The Luzhniki swimming center is equipped with a transformable roof, which hangs above the building with a cylindrical glass passage. In just 15 minutes, roof sections can be moved apart in opposite directions. All utilities are neatly hidden inside the building. This is because the complex offers a beautiful view from the Sparrow Hills and the metro bridge.

 16.jpg  12.jpg

There are three swimming pools in the Palace: 50-meter on ten tracks and two 25-meter on three tracks each. One of the pools is equipped with a lifting bottom - this will allow children and people with limited mobility to engage in it. The total water surface area of all pools is 3.1 thousand square meters - 1.5 times more than in the old pool (two thousand square meters). The complex has the ability to place mobile stands for 250 seats.

The swimming pools of the Luzhniki swimming center meet the Olympic standard of the International Swimming Federation. They have the most advanced water treatment systems - 32 filters, as well as ozonation and ultraviolet water treatment systems.

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