Steel construction workshop

АРСС.pngAn industry-specific workshop 'Steel Construction' organized by the Association of Development of Steel construction took place in Moscow on 10, September, 2018. 

Feodor Isaev, chief structural engineer of Metropolis, visited the event, along with over 130 representatives of the construction industry, design companies and architectural bureaus. 

Expansion of the range of metal structures gives new possitilities for using them in construction of multi-storey buildings and social facilities. The main advantage here is the building construction speed. Examples of completed projects - multi-level car parks and residential buildings using steel structures were presented at the workshop. The experience of erecting such objects shows that buildings based on metal frameworks are constructed much faster. 

When constructing high-rise buildings, developers started to use metal frames more often, as it reduces the foundation load and the construction process is faster. Steel allows to implement the most challenging architectural solutions and effectively arrange the inner space of the building, without obstructing the rentable area and the light frontline with concrete columns. This technology is in demand in areas of high seismic activity, as in a multi-storey building based on a metal frame the structural weight from total loading does not exceed 65%, whereas in buidlings constructed of insitu RC this share is around 85%.

Some of the reports were devoted to updating norms and technical standards with reference to steel structures. The participants discussed the specifics of calculating and designing light steel thin-walled structures, presented draft GOST R standard for external sheathing with frames of light steel thin-walled structures


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