Today begins the Moscow Urban Forum 2019 “Quality of life. Projects that change cities"

Today begins the Moscow Urban Forum 2019 “Quality of life. Projects that change cities". 

Moscow Urban Forum 2019 under the title ‘Quality of life. Projects for a better city’ is dedicated to the presentations and discussion of the initiatives and megaprojects that are launched by city administrations, business, citizens and are aimed at balanced and sustainable urban development.


Alexander Vorozhbitov, CEO of Metropolis, gave an interview to Moscow Perspective. The special issue “Moscow is changing” is timed to the opening of the MUF 2019.

Comfortable infrastructure - the trend of time

CEO of Metropolis Alexander Vorozhbitov about design in BIM, technologies and foreign experience.

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Moscow is one of the most dynamically developing megacities of the world. Here a large number of programs are implemented that are designed to make life in the city comfortable for everyone. All this is impossible without modern social and sports facilities. Design organizations today have a special burden. They need to lay the technology on which it depends, what will be in demand and whether it will be able to meet the demands of the present time. Alexander Vorozhbitov, General Director of Metropolis, in an interview with our correspondent, has told about the creation of unique objects, the use of BIM, and the subjects of professional pride. 

▶ A large number of sports and medical facilities are in the project portfolio of Metropolis. Is this your company specialization?

- We design buildings of various purposes: multifunctional complexes, hotels, shopping, office centers and residential buildings. As for medicine and sports, these projects really occupy a special place in our portfolio because of their importance to the urban environment. Cities today are changing rapidly and the Russian capital is no exception. Creating a comfortable infrastructure is a time trend. All this is impossible without high-quality medicine and modern sports complexes.

▶ At the same time medical facilities and sports facilities are not the same thing…

True, but this refers primarily to the purpose of these structures. From the point of view of design, sports and medical facilities have a lot in common. These are buildings with a large crowd of people, which imposes corresponding restrictions and requirements on infrastructure, logistics, and security.

▶ Recently, one of the projects that your team worked on was opened - this is the Palace of Gymnastics Irina Wiener Usmanova. What is special about this building?

This is a sports complex for rhythmic gymnastics competitions, training, recreational and mass events. The building will be able to operate in training, concerts, national and international competitions. By the way, the uniqueness of this project has been noted not only in our country, but also abroad. In 2016, at the international competition "BIM-technologies" the palace was recognized as the best among the sports facilities created in BIM, and this year the complex was awarded the main award of the competition "Aluminum in Architecture". The architectural part of the project is the result of the creativity and work of the Pride bureau, our task was to embody their bold decisions in technical and technological sections.

▶ What other sports facilities has Metropolis LLC designed?

- Our company participated in the development of design and working documentation for design and engineering solutions for the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena. The stadium has become a multifunctional complex with a rich infrastructure. Another project in which we participate is the reconstruction of the Luzhniki pool together with the UNK Project. It envisages the creation of a modern multi-functional swimming center. In addition, our specialists were involved in other sports facilities. In Moscow it is the Dynamo stadium in Petrovsky Park, the covered skating rink of Moskomsport on Michurinsky Avenue, in Krasnodar - the arena of the eponymous football club.

▶ Your company is called one of the leaders in the use of information modeling technologies. Do you agree with this statement?

- We have been working in BIM for a long time, this technology has a lot of advantages. Recently, representatives of our company entered the Open Expert Group BIM-technology of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction of Russia. This is a high appreciation of the professional qualities of our specialists.

▶ Moscow announced a program to renovate the health care system. This applies to both the reconstruction of existing hospitals and the construction of new ones. What objects do you have in your work?

- Now we are involved in designing the concepts of three health facilities. All three projects belong to different medical areas, but all of them are technologically complex structures and will be equipped with modern equipment.

▶ Tell us what is special about these projects?

- In hospitals being designed, in addition to hospitals, such units as resuscitation, intensive care wards, hemodialysis chambers, diagnostic rooms (MRI, CT, EchoCG, X-ray, radiation diagnosis), laboratories, pharmacies. There are also special rooms for lectures, departments, conference rooms for organizing the educational process and holding thematic conferences.

▶What international companies do you cooperate with in projects of medical institutions?

- Each project has its own team. The development of project documentation of a hospital is carried out by an international team. Architectural planning solutions are performed by the Nickl & Partner bureau from Munich, technological solutions by MMI, and coordinated by Sendler & Partners. All participants have many years of experience in designing medical facilities around the world. The participation of foreign partners in the urban program of construction and reconstruction of medical institutions will allow the use of international experience. Adaptation of solutions developed by foreign partners for compliance with RF regulations, as well as the development of structural and engineering systems for the building are performed by our company. Patient comfort and no“hospital” feeling is one of the tasks of architects when designing facades and interiors. At the same time, technological solutions set the latest medical standards. 

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