Amendments to the Town planning code: what will become to the low-rise construction?

logo-znak-com.pngThe Federal assembly adopted amendments to the Town planning code and other acts of the RF initiated by the government through the Ministry for construction. The amendments include initiatives aimed at 'simplifying the construction of private residential buildings, improving the mechanism of state construction supervision and demolition of capital construction facilities'. Experts have different opinions with regard to assessing these changes: some think that the proposed law will actually hamper low rise construction, which today, as we know, is half of the whole volume of residential buildings put into operation. What are the arguments for and against the amendments? 

Alexander Pronin, head of the architectural department of Metropolis, commented on the amendments that will take effect from 1, January 2019 for the web-based media Znak.com. 

Generally Alexander supports the changes, yet he thinks it is excessive to request project documentation from private owners building houses smaller than 500 sq. meters. His opinion is that 'there should be a common simple form of 1-2 pages, which could be filled in by any summer resident without professional assistance'. 

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