Metropolis company party

Shortly before the New Year 2019 Metropolis team had a party in Leman's ancient mansion in the very centre of Moscow.


The celebration was held in a warm atmosphere. Employees that have been working in the company for over 10 years got traditional memorable gifts. This year they were 10. Best employees of 2018 were also noted with letters of acknowledgment. 

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The celebration was supported by RockElectra musical band and Strana Ozz show. 

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It was a costume party with all the possible creativity involved. So, this evenining a Doctor did not try to cure Napoleon or Kutuzov, a charismatic Hatter was charming and merry, not everyone recognized their colleague in the Kiss lead singer, and a beautiful and thoughtful Elve was watching all this. The walls of the ancient mansion added charm to the evening... 

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Metropolis is a large team of friends, which works well and parties great.