Conference: 'Market development prospects of multi-flat houses for 2019-2024'


On February, 21, 2019 a conference devoted to the market development prospects of multi-flat houses took place in the Institute of tax management and real estate economics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Alla Seryogina,marketing director in Metropolis, attended the conference and noted that it is evidentfor the industry professionalsthat the real estate market is now undergoing active transformations.


As part of reports, replies to questions and open discussions, the conference participants discussed what influences or will influence the most the competitive ablitily of companies and projects therof in the short term. Here are some of the theses expressed:

- The quality of decisions depend on the quality of research and analysis of the collected information.

- The role of real estate agencies that in fact have long stopped being just sales agents and provide comprehensive consultancy support is changing.

- The quality of planning and project management - is a reserve for improving the economics of development projects.

- A great potential for improving the project economics is currently concealed in the processes of forming relations with contruction workers.

- Reduction of the base cost of construction is one of the ever lasting challenges. There are technologies already introduced in Russia that allow not only to considerably reduce the construction costs, but at the same time improve the consumer properties of objects.

- In the medium term the leadership positions will belong to companies that wil pay attention to technologies on a constant basis (searching, studying, introduction).

- The use of new construction technologies is connected with correction of management models - a challenge for company shareholders and managers thereof.

- Non-compliance of what advertisement promises and the reality will affect more and more painfully the reputation of developers and reduce the interest to their future projects.

- The world has become transparent. The existing management and technological solutions, including BIM, allow to simplify problem solving and achieve the goals set.

- What a consumer expectsfrom the developer's brand isnot the project management,but management of the building life cycle, where development is only part of the process.