II All-Russian Engineering Forum "PROPROEKT-2019"

From 21 to 22 June 2019, the II All-Russian Engineering Forum PROPROEKT-2019 was held in Saratov. 

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PROproject is an annual thematic forum for fire safety engineering specialists. Experts comment on the state of the market, talk about the most advanced and successful cases. The forum is an opportunity to discuss current issues, solve problems and open exchange of experience. 

The delegates of the II All-Russian Forum PROPROEKT-2019 were 130 specialists from 90 leading design organizations from 11 regions of Russia.

The forum was attended by Alexander Korchagin, chief specialist of the Communication and Signaling Systems Department of the Metropolis company.

The central theme of the business program of the event was changes in the regulatory and technical documents on the design of fire protection systems. 

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Alexander Korchagin commented on his participation in the forum:

-“Regarding the fire regulations, designers now have many more questions than answers. From the developers of the new editions of the codes of practice, we expect, above all, clarity of language. 


We would like to note the traditionally high level of organization of events from the RUBEZH company. We express gratitude to the organizers for an interesting business program, the participants of which were representatives of many companies.