UK Days in Moscow

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On 9, October, 2018, a workshop 'Making Smart Cities Sustainable and Resilient' was held in Moscow at VDNKh. The event supported by the Department for International Trade of the UK was organized as part of UK days in Moscow series of events.

Representatives of British companies and developers of innovative solutions shared experience in urban planning and forming green infrastructure; technologies for developing sustainable cities and new transport flexibility, relocation infrastructure, designing buildings with due regard to climatic features. Special attention was paid to such issues as energy efficiency, renewable power sources and energy saving for major cities.

The workshop was opened with a presentation made by John Lindfild, Director of DIP. The speakers were representatives of such major British companies as ARUP, AECOM, Scott Brownrigg, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, TATA Steel, UCCR, Orange, NISSAN, JLR, Thales, Silent Sensors. 


Delegates from Metropolis were: Alexander Pronin, head of architectural department, Kseniya Pashkevich, senior architect, Evgeniy Skripka, head of department for water supply, sewerage and fire fighting services, and Oleg Chubko, head of Extra low voltage systems department.  

Our specialists noted the following reports as being especially interesting:  

·  Arup, Bora Kovacevic: 'Making a better world - setting goals and measuring success'

·  Aecom, Olga Skobeleva, Elena Stewart, Snezana Stojkovic: 'Planning smart office spaces' 

· Scott Brownrigg, Darren Komber: 'Wind turbine of New York City' 

· Scott Brownrigg, Bruce Kalton: 'Smart Cities: From theory to practice'

· United Concrete Canvas Russia, Alexander Shkvarnikok: 'Concrete Canvas. Inoovations in  green construction'

· Orange, Robin De Keiser: 'Smart Cities as seen by Orange Business Services'

· Thales, Pavel Legenya: 'Modern data protection systems in the structure of  Smart/Safe City projects'.