11 December 2017 General Director of Metropolis has been granted a title of the Honored Construction Worker of Moscow

We are proud to announce that the General director of Metropolis Alexander Vorozhbitov has been granted a title of Honored Construction Worker of Moscow! Indeed, this high governental appreciation is not only a great personal success of our leader, but also an important achievement for all Metropolis Team!

27 November 2017 Barkli Residence and Neva Towers win European Property Awards 2017

This year 2 projects involving Metropolis team were recognized as the best at the European Property Awards competition. It is Barkli Residence complex in Moscow awarded for the best architecture as a multiple residence project and Neva Towers mixed-use complex recognized as the best residential high-rise development and best mixed-use architecture.

24 November 2017 Metropolis specialists gave an interview to L'Economika magazine

Metropolis specialists gave an interview to the business Franco-russian economic magazine L'Economika. Shortly before the Day of Innovations in Architecture and Construction which will take place in Moscow on 28, November, the issue covered the use of the latest construction technologies in Russia. Our colleagues told of how BIM-technologies were introduced in our company, spoke of our most interesting projects developed on the basis of BIM, and discussed the opportunities that BIM technologies can provide at the construction and building operation stages.

22 November 2017 Commendation from the Moscow Construction Department

We are proud to announce that Metropolis specialists were awarded a commendation by the Moscow Construction Department. Our specialists gained appreciation for their high professionalism and valuable contribution into the Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki reconstruction project.

06 November 2017 Metropolis attended CTBUH 2017

This year our company for the first time attended the CTBUH international conference, which took place from 30, October to 3, November in Australia. The conference which collected around 1,200 participants from 44 countries was devoted to the role of skyscrapers in modern high-density cities.

05 October 2017 Metropolis specialists told about peculiarities of Luzhniki reconstruction

Vestnik Stroitelstvo magazine published an article, where Metropolis specialists told about their work over the Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki reconstruction project. The article was issued in cooperation with research engineers of CNIISK named after V.A.Kucherenko. It tells about the reasons for the reconstruction, describes the structural design specifics and methods of providing stability of the retained facade wall and the roof.

21 September 2017 Silver Fountain Residential project received Green Zoom Platinum certificate

Silver Fountain residential complex - the project implemented with participation of Metropolis team - received a Platinum certificate of the Green Zoom Standard. It became the first residential business-class development in Moscow certified to a green standard.

19 September 2017 Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki wins Green Awards 2017

Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki was recognized as the best project in the category of public facilities at the All-Russia competition for ecological development and energy efficiciency Green Awards 2017.

11 September 2017 FIFA World Cup tour launched at Luzhniki stadium

The President of the RF Vladimir Putin launched the FIFA 2018 World Cup tour. The grand ceremony took place on September, 9 at the reconstructed Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki. The cup will visit 24 Russian towns and over 50 countries.

12 July 2017 Positive expertize appraisal obtained for the mixed-use residential complex (lots 9 and 10)

Positive appraisal of the Moscow State Expertise has been obtained for the mixed-use residential complex (lots 9 and 10) at Avtozavodskaya, 23.

22 June 2017 Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre Luzhniki and Modern Art museum GES-2 win the BIM technologies 2016 competition

Two projects developed with participation of Metropolis team won theFirst All-Russia public competition 'BIM technologies 2016', wherethe best practices of BIM technologies in Russia were presented.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre in Luzhniki Olympic complex by NPO Pride won in the category 'BIM project. Sports venues'.

The Modern Art museum GES-2 by Apex design company won in the category 'Information modelling in work with architectural monuments'.

31 May 2017 Metropolis specialists gave a report at XII International research and practice conference STAR Russian Conference 2017

Metropolis specialists took part in the Twelfth International research and practice conference STAR Russian Conference 2017, which took place in Nizhniy Novgorod on May, 31 and was devoted to heat and mass transfer and strength issues. Our colleagues gave a report, which focused on the problems of heat transmission in non-homogeneous structures and arrangement of heat insulating inserts in cast-in-place construction.

12 May 2017 Metropolis shares experience in the use of BIM technologies

Our company took part in development of the training course on Experience in using BIM technologies in the work of Russian companies. The course was read at the Complex professional training department of theMoscow Institute for Architecture and was intended for the second year master students. In addition to theoretical knowledge on BIM technologies and the history of BIM development, the course included demonstation of the projects developed with participation of our team, in particular the Mixed-use centre GES-2 and the Luzhniki Rhythmic gemnastics centre.

27 March 2017 Geometry of Now Festival took part in GES-2 building

The former power station GES-2 buiding hosted an audio video festival 'Geometry of Now'. Our team involved in development of the design documentation for construction and reconstruction of the building took part in preparing the space for the festival. Our colleages also visited the festival together with our foreign partners on the project.

22 March 2017 Skolkovo Innovation Centre shortlisted at MIPIM Awards 2017

Results of the major internationally-renowned real estate competition MIPIM Awards 2017 were announced on 16 March, 2017 in Cannes. Although there were no Russian projects among the winners, the project of Skolkovo Innovation Centre was shortlisted as the 'Best Futura Mega Project'. Our team was involved in designing office centres in D2 area and the Market Quarter in Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

09 March 2017 Krasnodar FC Stadium is among the three best Stadiums of 2016

Krasnodar FC Stadium was ranked the third according to the Jury Vote at StadiumDB.com, one of the world's leading websites dedicated to football stadiums. According to the Public Vote held at the StadiumDB.com site the Stadium was ranked the second.

01 March 2017 Metropolis is among Top-100 Russian Employers again

Head Hunter has published the results of the annual Rating of Russian employers 2016 and Metropolis is among the top-100 companies again! This year we've been ranked as high as 55th and this is absolutely the best result for Metropolis.

We are proud that our company is among the 100 best Russian employers for the fourth year running! Congratulations to our team and thank you all for participation!

28 February 2017 Krasnodar FC Stadium is among the 10 finalists of the Stadium of the Year 2016

Krasnodar FC Stadium is among the 10 finalists of the Stadium of the Year 2016 as as result of the jury vote at the annualStadiumDB.comcompetition. There are three criteria under consideration of the jury: visual impact, relation to the surroundings and innovation. Public vote is open until March, 4 and the winners will be announced on March, 6.